05 - UtqOV

Dive into Diversity of Japanese films!!!



Having started life in January of this year as Brick Lane Japan Film Festival we decided to make a change. Our first event was fantastic and we couldn’t have been happier with the turnout, reaction and support received (12,000 ‘interested’ hits on Facebook and online tickets sold out). However, when it came to plan for the second event, something didn’t feel right; we

wanted to think bigger, we wanted to think better, we wanted to represent the whole of London and not be confined to just one area (much as we love Brick Lane!) and ultimately we wanted to more clearly represent who we are and what we’re trying to do.


Reel Japan more accurately reflects our vision.

‘Reel’ represents cinema. We are, and always will be a film festival; committed to bringing the best and most exciting Japanese cinema to these shores. ‘Japan’ needs no explanation! It’s the country from whose films we love and want to share with the world. ‘Reel Japan’ represents out commitment to breaking away from stereotypes to show vibrant, colorful, exciting, modern Japan.


Real Cinema. Real Culture. Reel Japan.
We hope you’ll continue with us on our journey…