Be My Baby

3 - JuW5Yo5

Be My Baby



Hitoshi One


Daisuke Muira


Yuumi Goto, Chihiro Shibata, Aya Kunitake, Naoko Wakai, Yuki Ueda, Kenta Niikura, Daisuke Sawamura

Unfolding in the two weeks following a casual party at the home of the overbearing Koji, nine “20-something” Japanese revellers with long, deeply entwined histories navigate the secrets and lies of contemporary relationships. Touching on issues of self-respect, emotional manipulation, casual viciousness, petty interpersonal politicking, dependency, insecurity, infidelity and misogyny, One Hitoshi’s (Moteki – Love Strikes) drama, adapted from a script from Daisuke Muira (Boys on the Run) is as dark as it is soapy — with unfortunately recognisable characters with recognisable human flaws.